A Little Bit About Me Click for information about me including a short biography, info about my education, where I've travelled, and some photos.

Check Out My Research Including Publications, Grants, and Collaborations My research interests lay in New Media Studies. I focus on 3D visualization, edutainment, and how various new media apply to pedagogy. Click to take a look at my work and CV including publications, grants, collaborations as well as the book I am writing with Dr. Chris Crawford on Argument.

Take a Look at the Courses and Material I've Taught Over the Years For over a decade I have taught a number of different courses in rhetoric, media studies, organizational and intercultural communication, and applied theory. Click to peruse what and where I have taught.

I Have Several Ongoing Projects I have several ongoing projects that involve collaborating with other individuals and groups. They include Conceptual Logistics, a New Media Institute, and a textbook on argumentation among others.

I Consult with Individuals and Businesses on a Number of Communication Issues I have been working with clients for over ten years to improve their communication skills and develop specific projects. Click to see how I might be able to help you or your group with communication coaching, executive coaching, speech writing, and mixed media advertising/marketing.

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